Better mouth health.

Did you know that what goes on in your mouth can affect the rest of your body, and what happens in your body can have an effect on your mouth?

It's true. Many diseases and conditions can affect your oral health, but Colgate Total® can help. That's because Colgate Total® does more than protect. When you use Colgate Total® toothpaste, toothbrush and mouthwash together, you can help improve your mouth health* in 2 weeks.

Colgate Total® also helps fight many common oral health conditions, including:

Prone to any of these conditions?

Dental and other Oral Health Benefits

  • Strengthens Enamel
    Enamel is the outer layer that envelops and protects the main portion of the tooth. When plaque bacteria builds up, it can weaken tooth enamel. The fluoride in Colgate Total® strengthens weak enamel.
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  • Fights Cavities
    Cavities are tooth decay and are heavily influenced by what we eat, how we care for our teeth and the presence of fluoride in our water and toothpaste. Colgate Total® provides protection against cavity formation and tooth decay.
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  • Reduces Plaque
    Plaque is the main cause of cavities and gingivitis and can harden into tartar if not removed daily. Colgate Total® has a unique formula that attaches to your teeth to help reduce plaque.
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  • Protects Against Tartar Build-up
    Tartar is plaque that has hardened on your teeth and can also form at the gumline. Colgate Total® works to fight tartar build-up by preventing plaque from forming.
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  • Helps Prevent Tender Gums
    Gum inflammation is one of the first signs of gingivitis and if left untreated may lead to periodontitis. Colgate Total® removes sticky plaque bacteria that can lead to gingivitis.
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  • Reduces Gingivitis
    Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease, which left untreated, may develop into periodontitis. Colgate Total® helps reduce the plaque germs that cause gingivitis.
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  • Whitens Teeth
    The most common reasons for yellowing or stained teeth are aging and exposure to tobacco, tea and coffee. Colgate Total® Advanced Whitening contains a unique dual-silica technology that helps remove stains and helps prevent new stains from forming.
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  • Removes Stains
    Coffee, tobacco, red wine and certain foods can stain teeth. Colgate Total® Advanced Whitening effectively whitens teeth and gently removes surface stains that naturally occur over time.
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  • Fights Bad Breath
    One culprit of bad breath is the millions of bacteria that live in the mouth. Colgate Total® helps kill these bacteria that cause bad breath.
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*Use together to fight germs, fortify enamel and improve gum health. Results improve with continued use.

People with gingivitis may have inflamed gum tissue around their teeth, caused by bacteria found in dental plaque.