The Number One Trusted Choice

Every day, more people choose Colgate Total® than any other toothpaste. It has been the trusted choice for healthy teeth and gums for more than 15 years, and the brand used and recommended most by dentists and hygienists.

Colgate Total® toothpaste is uniquely formulated with 0.3% of the antibacterial ingredient triclosan to fight harmful plaque germs, which are the cause of most common dental problems. Colgate Total® is clinically proven to work better than other toothpastes to reduce these germs that can cause the gum disease gingivitis.

Reviews by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the American Dental Association, and government agencies around the world confirm triclosan’s safe use in toothpaste and recognize that Colgate Total® provides an important health benefit.

  • Colgate Total®* is the only toothpaste that has undergone the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's rigorous New Drug Application (NDA) review process for efficacy and safety, including periodic reviews of scientific literature and safety information. As recently as November 25, 2013, the FDA has reaffirmed its support for the use of Colgate Total® to fight gum disease. Colgate Total® is the only toothpaste that is both approved by the FDA and accepted by the American Dental Association as safe and effective.
  • Colgate Total® is the most clinically tested toothpaste in the world. Its safety and effectiveness is supported by more than 80 scientific studies, involving 19,000 people. The most recent research includes a five-year clinical study completed in 2012, which continues to affirm the safety of Colgate Total®. Our research is shared with regulatory agencies in the United States, Australia, Canada, and Europe. All have conducted their own reviews of triclosan, and in every case, they have affirmed triclosan’s continued safe use in toothpaste.
  • Colgate Total® is clinically proven to provide 12-hour protection against plaque germs that can lead to gingivitis. If left untreated, gingivitis can progress to periodontitis, a more serious and damaging stage of infection that can cause gum inflammation and potential tooth loss. According to findings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published last year, almost half of American adults aged 30 and over have periodontal disease. Only Colgate Total® provides both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. With the growing body of science linking oral health to overall health, this is an important benefit.

Colgate® recognizes the importance of ongoing scientific study, closely investigates new information, and conducts research on an ongoing basis. We remain confident that ongoing independent reviews will continue to add to the substantial body of research that affirms the safety of triclosan in Colgate Total®.

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